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Don't Ask.

It's been 5 weeks since I've published a blog post and I don't like that one bit.

Someone said something and I took it personally and let it throw me off my game. Don't ask me why..

It led to starting and stopping so many times. I have drafts and a ton of stuff that I've written and then proceeded to delete.

No more though. I'm back!

Whether I feel like I'm in my head or not, it's important to push through! I follow this advice in so many different areas in life so I'm implementing it in writing too. Fuck it.

How have you guys been these last few weeks? What have you been struggling with? What are some wins? I want you to comment!!

Here's an update from my end-

I reached the weight I was before we went to Florida in June! My muscle has gone up and my body fat down. VERY happy about this.

I had my first period in over a year! I've really been focusing on regulating everything naturally so that fact that this happened is amazing. My body finally got to the right composition mixed with more balanced stress levels and bam! Very exciting. Fingers crossed that constancy stays🤞

PCOS is weird- I'm currently fighting a break out. I've been very lucky to where I've never really had more than like 2 pimples at a time but here we are with a chin full of them. I'll be honest that I'm feeling very insecure about this but it's life and I'm trying to heal them.

Amy has purchased and is launching a fucking magazine!! Beyond proud of my sister going after her dreams and making them a reality. She's the ultimate boss bitch and so inspiring. First issue is out in May and it's going to be absolute fire. Launch party is this week- eeekkk!!!

My viking and I are thriving. We celebrated out first Valentine's Day together last month and it was absolute perfection. We're going into our 6th month of dating which is insane because I feel like I've known the man for 5 minutes but also like my entire life?? Love him to death.

I moved!! My amazing sister offered me the apartment attached to garage and I jumped on the opportunity. So thankful!

There's been a lot of change lately. Good or bad, change is hard. I feel like I'm just trying to keep up and continue to grow into who I'm meant to be. 25 has been weird and amazing so far.

I hope you've enjoyed my mini life update. Expect blogs to be back about weight loss, fitness, mental health, life, and so on to be back weekly!

As always- comments, questions, and concerns are wanted. Love you all!


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6 comentários

I love your blog posts! Here’s a topic that’s been hard for me lately. Sickness. For over 6 weeks someone in my house has been sick. I had covid followed 2 weeks later with an awful virus with so much coughing. I’ve worked out a handful of times throughout my illnesses but it feels like a hard balance to know… when to workout, when to let my body rest and heal. My mental health needs the exercise, my body is in a rough patch.


Keep it up 🩷 you are encouraging so many people

17 de mar.
Respondendo a

Yes exactly


Jinger Schulz
Jinger Schulz
04 de mar.

Bekah ! I'm still inspired by you! I too have been dealing with some pimples , my pcos condition too is definitely a journey . I know it's stress . I'm really working on coping mechanism and trying to figure out what else to do to stay away from mood swings . Your awesome girl ! Keep being and doing you !


You are one amazing young woman. I am so proud to call you a friend. You are a strong and beautiful woman inside and out

Love you


I have loved and enjoyed every blog you have written Keep em up !! Love you MOM

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