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5 Tips to Lose 10lbs This Summer!

I love Summer! I love the heat, pools, outdoor concerts, festivals and FOOD. Summer is a time I can easily pack on the pounds because it's one big party. There is always something going on and typically someone is offering you a beer when you arrive along with all the hot dogs, burgers, brats and sides you can eat. Then the ice cream calls my name because nothing goes better with a long pool day than a family trip to Ritters to top off the evening. So while in theory Summer is when we slim down it's actually a time you have to be careful you aren't doing the opposite.

Here are my tips to help you stay on track for your Hot Girl Summer!

  1. Stay on a schedule.

Just because the kids are out of school or the world seems more relaxed during the Summer doesn't mean we should abandon our schedules. If you don't plan when you will workout I assure you it won't happen. So if you love heading to the pool all afternoon with your kids be sure to workout early. Then you can RELAX and feel great about it.

2. Being active isn't the same as working out.

It's easy to convince ourselves that the bike ride, walk or pool day is enough to replace the usual workout but it's not the same! I have seen so many women fall for this. Of course it is great being active but you aren't getting the same intensity your body needs to build muscle and endurance. Still get in your 3-5 workouts a week and ADD in other fun activities. You will find you can enjoy them even more because working out gives you energy!

3. Fill your plate with Protein, Veggies and Fruit!!!

When you go to fill your plate at the next BBQ first grab a lean protein like grilled chicken, a turkey burger or sirloin steak. If the only options are hot dogs or brats that's ok but just get one and pile it high with onions, relish and mustard. Stay away from mayo heavy salads like potato salad and opt for some salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Eat all the corn-on-the-cob (minus all the butter), green beans and sliced tomatoes your heart desires. Munch on fresh strawberries, melon and peaches. There are so many delicious foods in season! If your family doesn't like to eat healthy options bring along a few dishes you know you can enjoy and teach them healthy doesn't mean no flavor!

4. Walk or ride there!

It's so tempting to just jump in the air conditioned car to go everywhere and if you live out in the country or away from town you might have to. But if you can walk places while on vacation or you do live close to town don't do it! Get out your bike and go to park instead of driving there. Walk to dinner with your spouse on date night. Make it a challenge to use the car as little as possible and use your legs instead. You will feel like a kid again and that is always a good thing! That is what summer is all about.


Put on the suit and get in the pool. Period. Swimming is such a good workout not to mention it's fun! Splash around with the kids. Get your hair wet and stop obsessing about your belly. It's boring and no one cares. They care about making memories. And if you are that worried about your body do something about it and follow all these tips this Summer!

Bonus Tip: Really get serious about losing weight and start working with me as your Weight Loss Coach! I'll help you lose fat and build muscle this Summer. Schedule your FREE consultation and body scan today. I have a few spots open to start JUNE 1st. Email me at or text 317-412-4652 to apply.

Love, AMY

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