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Already thinking of 2025.

I'll admit- I'm a lover of Christmas hauls and trends around this season.

One I've been reminded of this past 24 hours or so is the "what's in" and "what's out" trend regarding the new year.

Here's my take.

What's out- aka leave it in 2023

Feeling unsure

Not prioritizing yourself

Eating yucky foods

Being dehydrated

Sitting for too long

Going to bed without washing your face and brushing your teeth

Eating so much you feel sick

Not moving your body

Wearing clothes that don't make you feel good

Avoiding group fitness


Not having fun

Negative self-talk

Lowering your standards for yourself and others

What's in- aka welcome these habits in 2024

Making choices that are best for you mentally, physically, and spiritually

Fueling your body with food that's delish and nutrish

Cooking at home

Skipping Starbucks

Working out to gain confidence

Learning more about seriously everything that peaks your interest

Being more intentional with your energy

Post what you want or don't post at all- don't fall to pressure

Strength training

Having honest conversations with yourself and others

Clothes that make you happy (trendy or not)

Being a girls girl

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

Putting your foot down and having healthy boundaries


Finding one emotional support water bottle and being LOYAL

Investing in your health

Learning balance

Improving your relationships with your body and food

2024 is all about feeling your best and doing your best in ALL situations.

Consistency changes your entire life.

Don't wait and let a stupid New Years resolution make you feel like shit.

Choose happiness.

Choose feeling good in your body and your decisions.

Think of how proud you'll be of yourself going into 2025 because you did so good in 2024.

Join us!

We are the community, instructors, and coaches you've been needing.

Sign up today and start.

I owe my entire life to my sister and our community.

I am living proof that mindset, movement, and support rock your damn world.

The left picture is from a photoshoot a few years ago Sara Copp did for us. She was going through her photos and messaged me this one. Thank you for the reminder of how far I've come, Sara!

The photo on the right is me after lifting yesterday. My 1st workout post Christmas!

I challenge you to click the links below and welcome a new version of yourself into your life with open arms and an open heart.

Or go under pricing plans in Spaces and purchase!

Fitness Classes-

Damn, I'm so excited.

Xx, Bekah

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