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Bekah's Guide to Kicking the Blehs

It's the time of year where it's really easy to lose yourself.

It's getting colder, darker earlier, the summer tan is fading, holiday parties are creeping up, carbs are the only thing that sound good, workouts are getting easier to miss, and (somehow) life is busier.

Last week I found myself feeling bleh.

Nothing was wrong and I wasn't necessarily in a bad mood. I just needed a shift.

I needed to feel refreshed. Like a lot of us probably do right now.

Here's my guide on how to make yourself feel like you again when that seasonal depression sets in.

1. Do a check in- what's been slipping, how have I been treating my body, what do I feel like would help, etc

2. Drink water.

I know, I know. You're thinking how will this make me feel better? Well, we're dehydrated (water in colder weather is HARD) and our bodies aren't happy that way. Our brains are slower, sugar cravings are higher, energy is non-existent, skin is dull. DRINK WATER.

Here is a link to a favorite of mine if you need a new pretty vessel of choice-

3. Move your body.

Whether that's a dance party in your kitchen, a Pilates class at Sweat Shop, a long walk, or a Yoga video you found on Youtube. The endorphins and energy created from moving= PRICELESS. 30+ min everyday!!!

4. Take an everything shower.

Go to Target, Dollar Tree, Marshalls or your sister's bathroom and get a few new goodies.

Don't forget to stop for a low sugar drink on the way- currently, I love an iced skinny vanilla latte with 1 pump iced sugar cookie syrup.

I'm talking new loofah, a body scrub, new chapstick, lotion in a cute bottle that may or may not work. Add in a candle to burn if you really need a pick me up.

Then go home, set your scene, and ENJOY. Pluck, polish, scrub, wash your hair, and sing (everyone sings in the shower-don't lie).

You'll feel like a new human.

(Enjoy this cringe selfie I sent to my cousin last night after my, much needed, everything shower. Peep the clean hair, laundry hangin, and pimple patches)

5. Fuel your body!!

Find a few healthy twists to your favorites on Pinterest, get some snacks that are fun but nutritious in the house, don't skip a protein filled breakfast, and throw in a treat every once in a while for balance.

Keep alcohol to a few times or less a week- it helps coming from someone who loves to drink.

6. Spend some quality time with yourself for yourself.

Find a book that tickles your fancy, listen to your favorite podcast, start learning a new hobby, or get back in journaling.

It's important that we take time to enjoy things that bring us joy rather t

han make ourselves feel guilty for taking alone time!!

7. A new fit.

Find a new outfit that's in your budget and buy it.

Booked a workout class? You obviously need a new matching workout set.

Time to read a book and chill at home for a night in? Pajamas are EVERYWHERE rn and adorable af.

Date Night? Drive down to the local outlet mall and hit up Abercrombie.

(Yes, this is oddly specific because I do this frequently. The sales are great, okay?? Leave me alone.)

Nothing gets you feeling more prepared for life than a new outfit for the occasion.

8. Make a promise to yourself.

Promise that you won't give up, hideaway, quit caring for yourself, or say yes too often.

Promise that in a season full of sparkle that you won't lose yours.

I hope as you read this that you related but take time to do these steps for yourself.

Not everything has to be done right way, of course, and modify as needed but you get the gist.

As a reminder to you and myself- nothing has to be wrong for a human to feel off.

You can have your dream life and still feel down.

It doesn't have to be that serious.

Don't feel guilt for feelings!!!

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