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For the hard days.

I don't care who you are- you have days or even weeks where you question everything. What is this for? Why am I doing this? Is my life supporting this? Am I making progress?

And then something happens and you remember.

I've been lucky enough to have a few of those moments but this photo is the latest one. I handed my phone to a dear friend who was taking the group picture at Abby's birthday party and he snapped this candid. I didn't know he did until I was going through that night's content to send out.

I smiled and showed it to Amy. I thought it was cute because everyone was just in the moment and then it clicked. This was the 1st time in my life that I liked a candid photo of myself!!

This was huge to me because I haven't been on a structured program for a few months and I'm still making progress. I've taken trips, eaten out daily, drank a lot of Miller Lite- the superior light beer (fight me), haven't said no to a family trip to DQ for a blizzard. I've also stayed hydrated and kept my workouts consistent. I naturally eat smaller portions, crave different foods, and my relationship with food has changed whether I realize it all of the time or not.

It's a fact.

Just like it's a fact that if you are consistent in whatever you do then

You are making progress.

You are doing the right thing.

You are doing the hard thing.

You are capable of change.

You are stronger than you think.

You are worthy.

You are.

Sometimes it takes a picture, an acknowledgment from a loved one, a compliment from a stranger, a reminder from a social media post, etc. to make us realize this though.

And that's okay. We're all human.

What's important is to take that moment and let it fuel you to keep going.

You only fail if you quit.

I`m not quitting. Amy isn't quitting. J isn't quitting. Alena isn't quitting.

Are you?

I hope this blog serves as the reminder you need to remember that it's normal to question it all but to, also, remember that the answers to those questions can be positive.

I know I'll be coming back to read my own words once or twice.

Bekah xx

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