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I didn’t want to come.

4:30am is early, too early for my brain. When my alarm goes off I feel like I just closed my eyes. I didn't get to sleep until midnight. I have 3 teenagers who keep me up late. I should go to bed earlier but it's my chance to talk with them about life, have snacks together and watch our favorite shows.

Before I would have slept through a workout. I would have convinced myself sleep is more important and hit the snooze 12 more times. But experience has taught me (it's been about 5 months now of getting up early to instruct the 5:30am classes) I'll feel better if I get my workout in. And I'll sleep better tonight too. So I get my ass out of bed, put on my Apple Watch, make my side of the bed, put on my glasses, grab my water bottle (it's one of those huge gallon ones that goes with me everywhere), get my phone and head to the bathroom before I pee down my leg.

Cold mornings are even harder. I hate changing into leggings when I'm cold but soon I'm dressed and putting on my tennis shoes. My brain is still half asleep. I take a few sips of coffee, let the dogs out and head to the studio.

Once I'm in and the other crazy ladies show up I remember why I just put myself through all the torture to get here. There is something about starting the day with other women who also DO NOT want to be out of their warm beds that empowers me. We all are choosing to do the hard thing together! We are showing up for ourselves and each other. We are reminding ourselves first thing in the morning we are tough. We can handle whatever life throws our way.

We get through the workout and already have accomplished something before most of the town has gotten out of bed. We have a head start. It feels good. I have to remind myself of this feeling tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off at 4:30 and I want to hit snooze. 💪🏼😴 #stillnotamorningperson

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