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I'm learning.

If you know me then you know how hard I am on myself.

For those who don't know me- btw I'm extremely hard on myself in ALL ways.

Especially when it comes to having a bad day.

When I'm moody, anxiety filled, tired, or sometimes all of this combined I feel like such a disappointment.

Tasks sometimes fall through the cracks, I might smile less at people then feel bad, I may arrive late to get my niece from school, my focus isn't top tier, and I'm just not on it.

When Amy is moody, anxiety filled, tired, or the combination of it all- do you think I'm hard on her? Tell her how disappointing she is?

Nope. I tell her to rest, ask her what I can do to help, and talk through it with her because there's NOTHING wrong with having a day!

Or week.

Or, hell, month!

Unless you're me.

I should always be on AND perfect.

I should never make a mistake, always be well rested, never get distracted, never have a negative thought, or be anything less than perfect.

I shouldn't be human is what my brain tells me honestly.

I'm learning to slowly kill this voice though.

I'm realizing I deserve to feel it ALL too.

Through this journey of personal growth, weight loss, and helping my sister grow the business I have realized there is no need to be perfect.

Perfect doesn't exist and trying to be perfect will only drive you crazy.

What we need is to constantly show up for ourselves.

This can include but not limited to -

Being gentle with ourselves on a day you just don't feel great

Taking a break from work to go on a walk during the day when you're feeling overwhelmed

Fueling your body with good food even on days you feel like you shouldn't eat

Staying hydrated

Booking a workout, putting on a cute fit, and showing up

Taking a hot bath or shower with your favorite playlist on and singing along

Reading a good book

Pushing when you feel the need and backing down when you also feel the need

Driving with all the windows down blaring Cardi or Nicki

Being consistent with ANYTHING gets you so much farther in life.

Accepting this is a sign of strength- I'm learning.

I want to show up to class even when I don't think I can fully crush my workout.

I want to reach out to a new client even when I'm not feeling super confident.

I want to show up for a date with the new guy I'm dating (you'll hear more about this soon) and laugh my ass off even when my brain is telling me I'm sad.


My best damn life includes the hard days.

I want those too. Without guilt.

Having patience with yourself.

Being consistent.

Learning to trust yourself.

I'm learning these are the keys to healing and leveling up.

Easier said than done but worth it.

Remember as Megan says, "bad bitches have bad days too".

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