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Let me help you get out.

Have you ever been in a hole so deep that you can’t find the light to lead you out?

That was me.

2022 was for lack of better words a shit show for me. I made mistakes. I was grieving the loss of someone I loved. I couldn’t function and my business suffered. By the end of 2022, I felt lost and was in a deep depression.

I just wanted to give up and my body was taking the brunt of it all. I was severely inflamed due to my immune disorder and had many flare ups because of the stress. I gained weight and overall just didn’t feel like myself.

In January, I started working with The Sweat Shop team and they helped me get out of my hole. I know some people think it might be easy for us coaches to find motivation to stay healthy but in all honesty we are just like you! The key is finding and surrounding yourself with others who will keep you accountable and be your source of encouragement.

Through the Sweat Shop, I was able to refocus and prioritize my health again. I was able to get my life back and now I want to help other women do the same! I know what it's like to suffer from trauma, feel insecure, abandoned, lost, broke, not enough and alone. But- I also know what it's like to move through it all and come out on the other side!

I want to coach women who are ready to put in the work and step into their best seasons of their lives!  I’ll help you get your diet on track, show you what workouts are most effective for your body type and will be there to support, educate and cheer you on in the process.

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change and do something for YOURSELF then let’s go! What are you waiting for?! Comment with the number 3 below and let’s get started ⬇️⬇️

Xx, J

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