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Let's talk about it.

Everyone deserves to feel normal. Even on a fitness/weightloss journey.

As you know, I now find myself dating a lovely man. A man who loves to meet me for a beer after work, sit on the floor of the studio on a heart blanket eating chicken tikka masala, and bring me leftovers of his latest creation in the kitchen.

I'm never going to say no to any of that.

With this new adventure, new feelings and thoughts of weight gain have entered my brain.

I always see these fit girls get into relationships and gain weight.

And that's terrifying. DEFINITELY don't claim that energy.

Two years ago I wouldn't have cared but it's quite the opposite now. I'm 100+ pounds down, help people work through life on a fitness journey for a living, and still have so many of my own goals to reach.

I've never been in a relationship like this but I've also never had balance like this.

Let's dive into living the 80/20 lifestyle while being happy.

On average a human has 21 meals a week. Add on a daily snack and we're at 28.

20% of 28 is 5.6 so let's go 5. That's 5 meals a week where you have "freedom" or an entire day- people divide it how they like to.

You don't have to take all 5. Some weeks it will be 2.

It's the fact that they exist and enjoying life won't hurt you.

I'm not saying drink 12 beers, have an XL pepperoni pizza to yourself, and a gallon of ice cream as a meal.

Think more of the lines a couple of drinks with like two slices of pizza, a side salad, a breadstick, and split dessert on date night.

Split a cookie with your sister or a bag of hot chips (and burn your face off) with your nephew and his bestie.

Or a enjoy a crunch wrap (no tomato is very important here) after a few too many drinks.

Around these moments you're going to stay hydrated, make it to your workouts, add in plenty of veggies, make sure you're eating protein, etc.

The goal here is to just sprinkle these in naturally to reduce stress around food and help you develop sustainable healthy habits. To be able to live in the moment.

Even though these thoughts and feelings pop up sometimes (I'm only human)- I know I can have and do it all.

You can too. Everyone can.

Whether it's the holiday season, a new relationship, a move, a wedding.

With confidence and knowledge- we can do this.

I will continue getting healthier (mentally and physically) in this glorious new season of life and so will you in yours. Or even START!

Coaching changed my life. Amy changed my life.

Where would I be today? Not here.

Like I said, we're focusing on the good feelings only today.

Let's end on a happy note.

Tonight, I'm getting a Grill Bar cheeseburger and a Miller Lite with my viking.

(After tonight's workouts)

And this weekend we get to celebrate my favorite person.

Amy Marie Fucking Skirvin!

Cake will be eaten.

Every second will be precious and no guilt will be felt.

Don't forget to wish that magnificent bitch a happy 46th birthday!

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5 commentaires

25 oct. 2023

Happy Birthday Amy we all love you


25 oct. 2023

You two are amazing and happy for you ❤️


You are so awesome such an inspiration to me. Happy Birthday Amy. Love you guys


Lacey Miller
Lacey Miller
25 oct. 2023

I’m so happy for you lady! And I’m stealing your 80/20 that’s such a wonderful balance!! Happy Birthday Amy!


Love love love this!!! Happy Birthday Amy!!

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