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No, I'm not engaged but the rings fits.

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I grew up with an over weight dad and a size 6 mom.

I think I've weighed more than my mother since like 3rd grade and I'm not exaggerating.

I didn't grow up being able to steal from my mom's closet- clothes, shoes, nothing.

Not even jewelry.

My fingers were too big, even as a child, for her diamond rings.

My dad is many things but we'll just keep to his gift giving skills.

He's not great to put it nicely- one of the many reasons he gets a very detailed word doc ever year with links, colors, and sizes.

Jewelry tho- he's always had an eye or the woman at the jewelry store he frequented did. (RIP Diamond Office)

There was one ring that I always kept my eye on.

I always said when she died it was mine- at this point I didn't know divorce was coming for them.

It was a three stone ring.

A round diamond with a sapphire on either side.

Gold band with a platinum setting.

Absolutely stunning.

It was a gift for their 10th anniversary and I was always in love with it. It was the one piece of jewelry I begged my mom not to sell when they got divorced.

Even back then I was thinking of the day it might fit.

Some far far away day to little ole me.

Well, my mom was moving around some boxes and going through things when she found the jewelry box she stuck it in.

She sent me a photo and I got the ring from her.

Of course, I tried it on.

I was curious because of how much my hands have changed with weight loss.


A piece of me healed when that ring slid on.

A piece of my inner child that always felt like the size of a grown ass man felt pretty for the 1st time in her life.

I'm not sure how I describe how satisfying that moment was for me.

The last two years of my have been a "weight loss" journey, yes, but I have GAINED so much.



Strength- physically and mentally.









The list goes on.

Every hard moment or time of self-doubt where I question everything has been worth it.

Trust me, don't give up or put off taking the leap any longer.

Your life is waiting for you.

Your best self is waiting for you.

Your future is waiting for you.

We're just getting started.

I'm so excited for the future.

I am so beyond thankful for this journey, my sister, and this amazing community.

Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving! I get to spend it with my family, my Viking, and his family.

Also, do me a favor- enjoy this time. Don't stress.

It's a once a year holiday filled with hope, thankfulness, community, and love.

Pie won't kill you, mashed potatoes are not the devil, and everyone drinks a little too much.

xx, Bekah

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5 opmerkingen

Bridget Weir
Bridget Weir
05 dec. 2023

Reading this a little late.. what a great story! And thank you for sharing your journey - every journey has its sweet successes and you just nailed one! Savor the success. ❤️


Tiffany Maddox
Tiffany Maddox
23 nov. 2023

I love this beyond measure!!! I am tearing up as I read this... because I know the ring and I know your story. I love you Bekah and I am THANKFUL for you. You are helping me with my journey. BRAVO.... this is just so, brilliant .... I can't. Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving!


Lacey Miller
Lacey Miller
23 nov. 2023

This is just amazing- I started crying- I’m so darn happy for you and to watch you grow in real time is such a gift! 🩷🩷


Cassi Mason
Cassi Mason
22 nov. 2023

So happy for you Bekah!!!


I love this amazing story. You are so awesome and I am so thankful for getting to know you and your family

Happy Thanksgiving

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