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I was getting frustrated that I workout 2-5 times a day as a fitness instructor and still gaining weight. My clothes were getting tighter around my stomach again and I knew I needed to make a change.

Then one day I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Game Changer” about the success athletes have using a plant-based diet.

I decided to give it a try and committed to a 7-Day Challenge.

I was hooked!

By the end of the week- I felt less bloated, my skin looked better and I had my energy for my workouts.

Now 1 month in- I have lost 5 lbs and it’s all body fat!!! My muscle percentage has stayed the same and I’ve gone down 4% in body fat.

This isn’t an overnight solution to lose weight but a true lifestyle change for me. Now I know how to fuel my body and I keep the weight off!

And the best part is- I don’t feel deprived either.

I’m going to start leading 7-Day Challenges so you can see if this is the answer for you too!!!

Stay tuned for more details!

And more posts here.

Link to "Gamechangers"-

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