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Same Mirror. Different Girl.

I started my weight loss journey when Amy came to me at the end of January 2022 and asked me if I wanted to join her 1st weight loss group. I instantly said yes.

I knew if anyone's program would finally get me to commit and do the damn thing it'd be my best friend and big sister's.

Well, it worked. I am currently over a year in and well on my way to having the body and mindset of my dreams.

Yes, I've always been confident and out there posting thirst traps for the boys but that didn't mean I didn't want to feel better in my body. Being in a body where you can't play soccer with your nephew for as long as he wants or walk at the same pace as your family on your annual Thanksgiving walk doesn't make ANYONE feel good.

Yes, losing weight is really freaking nice but it's about what I've gained over the past year too.

Mentally and physically.

Guys, I can do freaking sit ups. I went on a hike for the 1st time in my life. I can walk into most stores now and find something that fits me. I'm on day 64 of 75 Hard. I work part-time at a restaurant where I don't sit down for 6 hours and I'M FINE at the end of the night. My focus and even how I deal with anxiety have improved. Not to mention the increase of confidence that was already there!!

Ask Amy, I was already big headed!

Now I am feeling my damn self and I'll never be apologizing for that. I'm proud of myself for starting and continuing the journey to becoming the woman I've always wanted to be.

Here's a reminder though- confidence isn't just about feeling hot. It's thinking enough of yourself to love yourself through the journey, having the courage to continue to work for more, feeling prepared for anything, and trusting yourself enough to get there. Everyone deserves to feel confident.

Post the selfie. Put on the cute workout fit and go on the walk. Book the class and stay consistent. Write the dreams down you're too afraid to say out loud and work on making them your reality. Say yes to something you always say no to. Think of that thing holding you back and tell it to fuck off.

Start putting in the work to gain the confidence and freedom I once only dreamed of having.

I'll be out here continuing the work too. There's no stopping me now.

- Bekah

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