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Well, that happened?!!

It was 2019 and I was a freshman at the University of Mississippi.

I was 330 lbs.

I had said I wanted to lose 100 pounds by the time I graduated in 2023 at around 25.

I had a pantry full of healthy food, access to a gym, and had a whole grand plan.

Let's be honest- would this had happened? Probably not.

I dropped out a month later when I realized school wasn't for me, moved back home, and gained 40 more pounds over the next two years.

2021 rolls around and I, very unexpectedly, start working for my sister at her fitness studio.

I'm her assistant for an entire year before I even take a class.

January 2022 Amy realizes that coaching is her next step and asks me if I want to be her 1st client.

Neither of us expected for me to fall in love with fitness or nutrition.

Lose 20-30 pounds with a few healthier food choices to get me feeling better and a couple of classes a week to keep me moving? Most likely.

This would've been SUCH an improvement from my sedentary lifestyle.

She starts out having me count calories just to teach me portions (I had been overeating my entire life), gets me drinking water, making healthier choices, helps me begin healing my relationship with food, gets me moving, and so much more!

I became obsessed and knew I was going for it.

(It's important to note that by this point I hadn't thought of that goal from college since I had left)

I was consistent for the first time in my life. I was working out at least 5 times a week, staying hydrated, and living that 80/20 lifestyle. Honestly- 70/30, 60/40, or 50/50 sometimes. I never really took anything out of my diet or did anything extreme. (Except 75 Hard but that's a story for another time)

10 lbs.

30 lbs.

50 lbs.

75 lbs.

90 lbs.

I remember the moment that I weighed myself in the back room of the studio before a Saturday 9:00 am class. The scale read 269.8 on May 8th, 2023.

100 lbs. I had fucking done it.

I was almost in tears and I weighed myself twice before I went to Amy.

I just said the number while she was getting her phone connected to the speaker and will never forget the look in her eyes when she looked up at me and it clicked in her brain what had happened.

Even in that moment, I didn't put together the timing or connection to what I had said four years earlier.

It wasn't until a few months later when I was thinking about going back to school (before I started coaching people myself) that I remembered the goal from 2019.

I had done it- unintentionally.

I was down 100 lbs at 24 years old the exact month I would've graduated from Ole Miss.

I do not believe in coincidences.

I'm exactly where I'm meant to be in life, with the people I'm meant to be with, and telling the story I'm meant to tell while being 4 days away from my 25th birthday.

Since it's my birthday week I've done a lot of reflecting- good and bad. The idea of 25 hits a litter harder than years past and, unfortunately, comes with some comparison to other people's lives.

I can't believe my life ended up like this but here we are. Somehow my weight loss goal worked out but there's so many other goals that I haven't reached. Goals that have been on the forefront of my mind for YEARS that haven't become reality yet.

You will get there. On your terms. On the timeline that is meant for you.

Or possibly put on the path of an even bigger goal.

People see someone living a life in a body they want and think it was always like that.

They don't see the disappointment, the setbacks, the internal pep talks, the tears, the happy dances when you're one step closer to keep yourself hype, the HARD WORK, the struggle to keep going, and the vulnerability that comes with growth.

100 lbs was just 1 goal.

I have countless others.

EVERYDAY I am working towards those goals and preparing for what life may bring.

Fight through the fear, the self doubt, and all of that negative self-talk.

Learn to pay attention to opportunities and keep an open mind.

If I hadn't taken that leap of faith and pushed through my fear of failing as Amy's 1st client then I wouldn't be here right now.

Remind yourself that you once didn't have something you now have.

One day when it's time, I'll reach my next goal and so will you.

We're not quitters. It will happen.

Start working and don't stop.

I believe in you. Amy believes in you. Johnette believes in you. Do you?

Xx Bekah

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