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Becoming Bekah

Amy touched on my story a bit during our FB Live the other night to launch Sister's Coaching but I figured I`d share even more.

I was 200+ in elementary school.

I remember Mrs. Leonard pulling out that old metal scale like you see in the movies, having us all line up, and her scootching that 1st slide to the 200s for me.

In 4th grade.

I was bullied for YEARS for my weight and height.

Fat pig.



Fat bitch.

Where do you even find clothes?

You could sit on me and kill me.

You name it.

I've basically been almost 300 pounds and 5'11 since 8th grade.

I officially hit 303 my sophomore of high school.

My parents got divorced my junior year and I think I gained 50 pounds that year alone.

The first thing my dad did when he saw me after a year was text my mother and talk about my big I was.

I wasn't meant to see it but I did.

I was the 2nd biggest person in my family and it was the conversation through texts, phone calls, and at lunches I wasn't invited to.

What do we do?

She's beautiful but she's so unhealthy.

Is she willing?

Do you think if we pay her she'll lose the weight?

Help me, I don't know what to do about Bekah.

Thousands were spent on a home gym, cleanses, cookbooks, diet plans, gym memberships, bikes, healthy groceries, and pills.

Summers were meant to be my time to transform.

It never happened.

I ordered clothes from online plus size stores.

I would only buy shoes or accesories if I was shopping with someone because nothing ever fit.

I can't even begin to count the tears, meldowns, and embarassing moments.

I once was asked to move seats at a local restaurant because I was blocking the walkway for the staff.

Little did I know that moments like that would one day be in my past.

If you relate to any of these feelinsg or situations- you are NOT alone nor is your time for change past you.

Due to spending my life constantly trying to lose weight, it felt like I never would.

I was already into my 20's (Yes, I know that`s young in the grand scheme of things) and that made me feel like well, maybe it will never actually happen.

All I wanted was to be healthy mentally and physically.

Like guys, I thought I was going to be unhealthy and a loner forever.

The year is 2021, Amy and I were not close but she needed a place to stay for a bit while working through some problems at home.

I said I have a spare bedroom! Come. (through our mother)

This was the beginning of my life transforming.

I was working full time for Dollie's Farm. I helped with social media, running the boutique, customer service stuff, and so on. Basically a little bit of it all.

I was out running errands with Amy and we were running out of time before her event started.

It was a Buti Yoga pop-up with a guest instructor and she couldn't be late.

I had been to the studio like once before but I got dragged along.

I ended up taking photos and videos for her social media.

At that time she had Dirt Darlin clothes in the front.

Pop-Up events meant women were in the mood to buy things and back then Amy was a one woman show.

I stepped in and started checking people out.

Amy was impressed and I had never felt that feeling from her before.

Like a week later I was weekend only at Dollie's and my sister's full-time assistant.

I was working for a year until I took my 1st class.

It was a fun class we use to have similar to Phsyical.

It kicked my ass.

Everyone made me so comforable though and I had a ton of fun.

I was right up front with Lisa and Tellisa.

Amy posted a seflie of us on Fb afterwards and I HATED how I looked.

A couple of months later- my chance came.

Amy knew I was struggling and asked me to be a part of her 1st coaching program.

I did my initial assesment and, as she mentioned, the scale didn't read my weight.

I cried and was more vulnerable than I had been in years.

I committed to myself and here I am today.

Amy supported me in ALL ways.

On my good days when I had lost weight, tried on a shirt that wasn't tight, or when I pushed harder than previous classes.

On my bad days when I couldn't see the progress (even though it was there), when my anxiety was high, and when I just wanted to quit.

The community supported me.

NEVER made it awkward or judged.

ALWAYS praised my efforts and helped me through.

I`m beyond thankful for it all.

In a matter of 3 years my life has changed beyond measure.

I have a sister who is my best friend

A community of women who have my back and genuinely care for me (vice-versa)

I've basically lost a whole ass human

I`m stronger than ever

My mental health is solid and even on my bad days I have good coping mechanisms

I can fit into a size large dress and size 14 jean

I can sit at my boyfriend's family's dining room table and eat only 2 peices of chocolate from the jar they pass around after dinner. With ZERO guilt

I get weird if I don't work out

I am a coach with my sister to help other women lose weight

I am the most free and capable I've ever been

The list can go on but you get the gist.

23 was not too old.

35 is not too old.

50 is not too old.

75 is not too old.

Hell, 100 isn't too old.

No matter how far you are into life, those feelings of wanting to no longer feel stuck in your body don't go away.

Wanting to feel nomal.

To put it into simple words- do it.

Whether you need to clean up your diet, get into a coaching program, or add in a variety of workouts.

Do what it takes to feel like your best damn self.

Whatever it is- we'll help you and support you every step of the way.

Just like we know you'll support us as we continue!

That overweight little girl feels like a healthy woman who can take on the world.


Highly recommend.

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We love you girl. You are one amazing woman ❤️❤️


Dec 13, 2023

So proud of you , we all love ya❤️😘


Carrie Jones
Carrie Jones
Dec 13, 2023

You are such an inspiration!! I can’t wait for the sister coaching to begin!! 🫶💜

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