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I'm Scared.

You know when you've done something for so long and it's coming to an end and you're afraid of what life looks like without out?

I'm feeling that right now with 75 Hard.

This time around, it has helped me SO much to have a routine with all the changes in my life. And if you know me, you know this bitch THRIVES off routine.

Do I keep some of the habits still?

Do I wake up for a morning walk? How much water is best for me? Should I transition slowly? What should my diet look like?

Right now the plan is to finish on Friday, wake up on Saturday, do the 8 AM and 9 AM then go have breakfast with our group like every Saturday.

I'll still order my usual two egg combo sub toast for pancake with sugar free syrup and drink 7 cups of french vanilla coffee.

What happens after that though? It's up to me to decide and I feel this pressure.

Pressure to not gain an ounce back.

To go for more and not quit until I see more of what I want.

75 Hard is not a weight loss challenge but the habits aid in getting in the best shape of your life. They're not necessarily sustainable so I need to find a balance again.

I want to enjoy a couple beers by the pool and walk to ice cream after dinner with the family.

I don't want to see inflammation in my body from drinking too much though or have weight gain from not keeping myself in check.

I don't want to feel rundown from not staying hydrated.

This is going to be an active girl summer for me. She, both, enjoys and truly lives that 80/20 lifestyle.

Yes to kayaking and hiking but, also, yes to drinks on my sister's porch and Saturday night sushi dates.

Gotta play into that trust I've built with myself these past couple of years as I've kept the weight off.

I'm up for this new challenge just like I was up fpr 75 Hard. I'm equally as scared.

I did it though and now I'm going to do this.

Thank you for all of your support and love through this journey! I know 75 days has NOT flown by.

It's not set in though that I did it again.

Amy asked if i would again and my first response is no but that's not true. I would if I felt like it was time again in my soul or if Amy or Tim asked to do it.

A little couples 75 Hard journey would be cute as fuck, let's be honest.

Anyways, I'll do a round up of my journey for next week's blog.

I had to share what I've been anxious about with this challenge ending first.

-Bekah xx

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