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No quitting now.

This past week has been A LOT and mentally I've been exhausted.

I didn't quit though- officially on day 46 of 75 Hard.

Definitely been having to push myself a littel harder to get through all the daily tasks but we're doing the damn thing.

I reached a new milestone that has helped me to keep at it.


I FINALLY got out of the 260s. I was seriously in that range for like 9 months so to see a new low weight was beyond rewarding.

I hadn't done a check in for a couple of weeks becuse even though I`m feeling stronger I haven't seen a lot of change (in my mind) so I was trying not to put pressure on myself.

Like more pressure than usual.. you know what I mean.

But on Sunday before Yoga, I stepped on the scale and liked what I saw.

I`m officially at lowest since I started this whole fitness and weigth loss journey in January of 2022.

Speaking of 2022, I had a snapchat memory pop up from June of 2022 just yesterday.

I couldn't believe what I saw.

Like June 2022 was 6 months into my weight loss journey and I had already lost like 30 lbs but I still didn't recognize myself.

I definitely instantly tapped into the mindest of this being my why.

Just one of many but this comparison is definitely fuel to keep going.

June 2022 versus me today sitting in my apartment at my desk writing this

The girl on my left didn't know the girl on the right could actually exist.

She always wanted more but had ZERO idea that her life was about to fully change, in the best of ways, forever!!

Like yes, my wieght and body are drastically different but my life in general is so much different.

My mental health, relationships, confidence, friendships, goals, etc.

I could write a list a mile long.

Seeing this and reflecting on myself/life before now- 2 45 min workouts, water, reading, a progress picuture, and no cheat meals or alcohol doesn't seem too bad.

The girl on the left never even knew what a fitness challenge was.

She couldn't really jump, get down on the ground, do a sit up, etc.

Now she's 45 days into round 2 of 75 Hard.

Start small but just start.

I didn't get here overnight and nothing has been easy but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Until next week, Bekah xx

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2 comentários

Totally Inspiring as always!! So freaking proud of you girl! Keep it up, You got this!


You are such a great woman and inspiration even to this old lady. Your strength and determination awes me. Love you girl ❤️

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