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Shock yourself.

I don't even know what to say.

There comes a point in weight loss where you stop being impressed with yourself and start picking yourself apart.

I want to see more definition in my arms.

My legs still aren't shaped right.

My ankles aren't as boney as I imagine they should be.

My stomach jiggles and I feel flabby in my thighs.

There's still skin and fat that hangs over the back of my sports bra.

You almost feel like there's been no change at all even though there's been a drastic one.

Then you take a progress picture for your 2nd round of 75 Hard and it's the 1st head on shot in a hot minute you like.

And at dinner that same day, you remember that you took a straight on photo when you initially started in early 2022.

So you get on Canva, make a side by side, and shock your damn self. (and your mom and sister)

Shock because you forgot.

You forgot what you looked like, how you felt, and how different you were in every way.

You're so focused on what you can still improve and can find wrong.

I'm not lying when I say that I almost kind of forget being that person and existing in my old body. It feels like a lifetime ago but it's been a little over 2 years since I started this journey.

It took almost 23 years for that old body to develop and this is how far I've come in ONLY LIKE 2 1/2 YEARS.

Why am I so hard on myself? Why do I feel like I haven't changed some days? Why don't I give myself credit where credit is due?

I have transformed in ways I, honestly, never thought possible for me. Do you feel like it's impossible of rye to change?

I needed this comparison so remind myself that anything is possible.

I fucking did that.

And am going to keep working through my goals.

Major weight loss always seemed like this big unobtainable thing that was only for people on Biggest Loser.

Fitness felt like something that would never be apart of my life in any major way especially as I got older. Like even when I first started working out, I had no idea I'd be so in love with it and literally being doing challenges for fun.

Like 30 min seemed impossible and now 2 hours is like an everyday occurrence? HOW???

It goes back to mindset.

Stop limiting yourself and thinking that you can't do the same or even more than other people.

Every single person has the same hours in a day. What are you going to do with them?

Take a chance when you see or feel it coming your way.

Start paying attention to your mental and emotional patterns- these can destroy you.

Don't let fear or lack of knowledge keep you from what's meant for you.


Push yourself.

Start small and celebrate your wins.

Acknowledge your faults and failures too because we're all human!

I didn't really know shit about fitness or nutrition before my sister.

She has been my teacher, my coach, my best friend, my leader, and my support through this all.

I'm eternally grateful and I know not everyone has a sister like her but that's why we are both coaches! Sister's Coaching is where it's at.

You are not alone. You are not stuck. You can have any life you dream of. You can accomplish anything you think of. You can do the hard shit,

It takes work, you will cry, you will question everything, you will hit road blocks, and you will want to quit but you won't. We won't let you.

Technically, I am writing about weight loss but this pertains to so so much more. Like if you can change your body and habits then why can't you take that same idea and change your finances? Or launch a business? Or improve your relationship?

You absolutely can.

I've realized and been reminded that when you dedicate yourself to becoming a better you, mentally and physically, it improves your mindset and confidence in ALL areas.

You'll find yourself having extremely emotionally mature healthy conversations with your boyfriend and family, getting through 3 workouts a day that you were dreading, fueling your body correctly, coming home and cleaning instead of leaving a mess, completely finishing your work tasks for the day, and getting off your phone a little earlier than usual to rest.

And then some days you'll find yourself crying and feeling like the world is against you.. but hey those days will be few and far between!!

Just remember to take progress pictures so when you feel like shit they can be a tool to remind you that you're that bitch 😉

Join us in classes, our challenges, and coaching!

You don't have to stay in today's body and mind.

Shock yourself.

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You is beautiful ♥️

Me gusta

🥰♥️ your blooming beautiful and you were always beautiful . I am going to try still to figure out myself too . I'm here for you . It's been a busy time and continue too . Proud and happy for you ! ☺️💯🙏

Me gusta

You look and are amazing. I am so glad I started Sweating Shop and met you. Ypu are truly an inspiration for so many people

Me gusta

Amazing Bekah!! You are so inspiring!! THANK YOU!!! I really needed this today, totally fell off the wagon, well let me be brutally honest, I set the damn wagon on fire! 😬 Like family drama had me at my wits end and I fell hard & fast...... BUT, I know I can do hard things, not waiting until tomorrow, I will eat a healthy dinner tonight and forget about my way too many calories at lunch, and go outside and walk it out!!! I am so thankful for you and Amy and these programs! Looking forward to what I become in the next 75 days!! Love you girls!!

Me gusta

WOW just WOW, Becca you are an amazing person that I have enjoyed watching your change. This is very inspiring 🩷

Me gusta
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