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Every second of everyday countless things are out of our control. The things we can't control are also what we naturally want to focus on.. which leads to the spiral.

Fear of the unknown



Question after question

A negative internal monologue

Not appreciating where you actually are in life

General heightened anxiety

These thoughts and feelings also make it easier to give in to those toxic behaviors that don't truly serve you.

When you're in this mindset ice cream is the only thing that sounds good so you eat the entire family-size tub in one sitting.

Your bed is more comfortable than your Yoga mat so you cancel your classes.

Positivity makes you angry so your friends trying to support you end up being shut out.

Do you want to live in that headspace?

I sure as hell don't. I want to do everything in my power for the exact opposite.

We have to quit focusing on what we CAN"T control and focus on what we CAN control.

How we treat our bodies

How we care for ourselves

Perspective on life

Doing our best- no matter what that might look like

Taking a step back and reacting accordingly

Showing up for ourselves and others

Deciding to not quit even when there's setbacks

Last night before Amy's 5:15 class I had a hard conversation that I had been avoiding.

It hurt. My heart and spirit are a little bruised.

I'm proud I had the conversation and how I handled everything.

I'm more proud of the fact that I smiled at every single person who walked through the studio door, did my job to the best of my ability, and KILLED my workout.

I won't deny that part of me wanted to tell Amy I couldn't do it, go cry in my car, and find comfort in something but I didn't.

Do you know why I didn't give in?

I can't control the other side of things.

I can only control what I do and how I do it.

I choose to keep working towards my goal and growing.

To put my best foot forward in every possible way for myself.

Whether that's two classes a day and meeting all of my nutrition goals or pushing myself to go on a 20 min walk on a bad mental day.


Are you going to let the lack of control be your demise or are you going to choose to focus on what you can control?

I'll say this- you NEVER regret doing the hard thing.

xx Bekah

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