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You deserve it.

I'm sitting at my boyfriend's dining room table.

In my designated spot.

We're currently both over the moon by simply existing in the same space.

With no pressure to talk.

Just in our bubble and doing our thing.

He's cooking for us.

I'm writing about him.

Music from his childhood is playing in the background.

I didn't realize moments like this existed.

I realize how dramatic that sounds but I'm just being honest.

I never really said it out loud and technically these are written words but you know what I mean.

I always thought I was doomed to be the single cool aunt forever who never quite felt like she fit in anyone else's world but her own.

I've never felt love radiate through the damn air or known the feeling of being looked at by tired but joy filled eyes over my MacBook screen from a man mixing dough by hand.

Now I do.

And I'm not quite sure how to describe it but I'd like to experience it over and over again.

I owe it all to coaching.

Without saying yes 2 years ago I wouldn't have the life I have now.

There's something about exercise, eating right, and taking care of yourself in all ways that makes you feel invincible.

Gives you the courage for life.

The strength to push through anything.

The ability to challenge oneself.

Knowledge to live a full and healthy life.

Fear has a big role to play in holding back and staying in negative patterns.

You have to see an opportunity and feel a feeling that pushes you over the edge to finally take the leap.

Stop saying tomorrow.

Stop saying when I am financially stable.

Stop saying when I feel rested.

Stop saying when I have free time.

Just stop.

Everyone is busy, everyone could have more money in their bank account, and so on.

No excuse will ever out weight the feeling of being capable, of feeling light, or fill the void inside of you.

Sitting at home doing the exact same thing for years will never equate to another outcome.

Change comes from action- no matter how small.

Also, there's no such thing as perfection in fitness.

You just have to start and continue. No quitting- that's the only rule.

I have never once regretted changing my life.

You will struggle.

You will question.

You will achieve a sit up and gleam with joy.

You will take two classes back to back when once a 30 min class seemed unattainable.

I say begin working towards those goals or be inspired to continue.

Sit in the journey and take in as much as you possibly can.

Your entire life can change with 1 decision.

Think on this-

If you continue on as you are right now with no growth, is this what you want? Are you fully satisfied?

There's so much life to live.

Love to flourish.

Pain to heal.

Adventure to be had.

Joy to find in the most mundane activities that use to feel tortuous.

Movement to create to push you forward.

You deserve the life you dream of.

Start making it your reality with steps today.

Fitness and health is your stepping stone.

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This is where I'm at .. This is me...

Thank you Bekah


Oh my gosh Bekah!! It’s like you’re in my head writing this! I love everything you shared here!! Now to get out of my own way and get to a class! 🫣

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